What is Tata Nx?

Tata Nx is a new age range of nutritional solutions for today’s Indian who is ambitious, health- conscious and always on the go.

The Nx Ideology

The Nx ideology focuses on exploring better insights of the human body. Nx products are built on cutting-edge science and technology.

The Nx factor

Tata Nx is a range of BIO-EASY nutritionals that provide the next level of nutritional solutions for a healthy life.

Tata Nx Zero Sugar

Tata Nx Zero Sugar is made from stevia herb extract and lactose which has been used as a bulking agent. Based on the ingredients used, Tata Nx Zero Sugar is 100% natural.


Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions on natural sweeteners and Tata Nx Zero Sugar. For any further queries, feel free to contact us.

The Nx Kitchen

Visit the Nx kitchen for some of the finest recipes. We bring you good taste without compromising on health.